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Welcome to Sneaky Snake Club

The Sneaky Snake Club is a collection of 10k Vector drawings created by a skilled artist and when cycled/minted via smart contract each vector is given an individual number and a unique look birth NFT’s representing a group of carnivorous assassins.

When you own a Sneaky Snake NFT you have proven to be a collector of beautiful art. You are now part of the SSC an individual who all holds a piece of art in common to the collection minted. Welcome!

Each mint sells for .069 -.69 ETH. Your collectible could have over 200 different hand-drawn features making each snake you own – one of a kind. Keep your eyes peeled for your favorite piece. Each Sneaky Snake NFT is a ticket. YOUR ticket to the Sneaky Snake Club the rug. Excuse me while I go pay my taxes for sell.

The Sneaky Snake Club

The SSC Is a fantastic concept for an art collectors’ group! This group could function as a sort of virtual bar or lounge where collectors can gather to discuss their shared passion for art, exchange ideas, and share insights on various topics ranging from market trends to new projects and beyond.

This does not fit the traditional definition of a think tank in the academic sense, but it certainly serves as a platform for collaborative thinking and knowledge-sharing within the art collecting community. Members could benefit not only from the camaraderie and support of like-minded individuals but also from the potential opportunities to gain access to exclusive collections and projects through whitelist opportunities.

We are looking to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where collectors feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and discussing topics that contribute to the social good of the group. The intent is to foster a sense of community and mutual respect among members, regardless of their individual collections or interests.






Sneaky Snake Club Community, you can join the Syndicate Discord by clicking HERE


These Damn Snakes” will be released into the public all 14,111 of them for you to capture, enjoy while retraining, and hopefully when you are ready release to the next owner for a profit. 


Striking Snake Syndicate will boost the Discord server up another level to enhance the technology experience for all members to enjoy. This will allow members to be more creative in their output of communicating to other members.  


The fun is beginning as the Snake Syndicate members are challenged to compete with other Syndicated members for a prize. Members will be challenged with creating a project that is related to the Snake Syndicate community. These projects will consist of and not limited to, gifs, stories, art, poems, games, videos and more. The winner will receive an NFT or 0.08 in ETH. plus bragging rights and recognition from the program. 


We are on our way to selling out and feeling good about our chances, therefore “SSS” will airdrop 25 NFTs to random Minters. “SSS”, will boost the level of the Discord sever to the maximum ability of performance. Which gives “SSS” members even more possibilities to shine.  


We are now celebrating our success in the sellout of 14,111 of “These Damm Snakes”.  I asked for “SSS” members to rise and promote the program and each one of you did your part in making it happen. We have arrived as a positive Syndicate in the NFT community. There is no stopping us now, but we must continue to work together to increase the value of “These Damn Snakes” by not selling immediately. Each member who holds there Snake will receive and NFT via airdrop 


On the behalf of each one of you we are donating 15 ETH only upon collection sale out to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. I am so proud with you to have the privilege in helping to save lives. Thank you.  


Project Founders

A group of 3 cunning founders battle-tested through the rise and fall of crypto since 2017. They fell prey to pump after pump, experiencing a rise and ultimate fall leaving one in bankruptcy. A pact was made to never be broken again, and the mantra “Make More Money” was born.
Now, this group of crypto vets return with the Sneaky Snakes Club marking the beginning of a new era. One built from past successes – and failures. With nearly 30 years of combined experience in crypto, tech, marketing, and design. The founders aim to create an Alpha group stronger than all others and bring Sneaky Snake Collectors into the fold and reap the rewards. Ssssome things can only be shared out of the public view.
Oh, and they’re gonna rug.
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